Rajinikanth : Darbar : (2020) movie : Best and Honest Review : filmi indian

Rajinikanth : Darbar : (2020) movie Review by Filmi Indian There are very few actors in the Indian film industry whose films, story, content and acting are better than all of them, just to see it, there is a lot of stardom and love of the fans, due to which the actors turn from superstars […]

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tanaji malusare

Tanaji Malusare (2020) Movie : Best and Honest Review : Ajay Devgn : Filmi Indian

Tanaji Malusare (2020) Movie Review By Filmi Indian Since childhood, we have been listening to the story of some people who, with their bravery, have made a special place in the history of our country, there are some such stories of valor which will give Goosebumps on your whole body and the heartbeat is intensified […]

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Malang : (2020) Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review : By Filmi Indian

Malang : (2020) Movie Trailer Introduction By Filmi Indian Bollywood is infamous for often forcing worn-out stories repeatedly into films and lime loving people with great love. Sometimes in the name of big actors, your pocket is emptied, sometimes by remaking South films, all the money is earned. But after waiting for many months and […]

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world famous lover

World Famous Lover : (2020) Teaser : Best and Honest Review By Filmi Indian

World Famous Lover : (2020) Teaser Introduction By Filmi Indian In 2019, there was a film Kabir Singh who had put a lot of flags on the box office and left all the other films behind in terms of earning. But you must have heard a very famous saying that the father is the father, […]

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rakshit shetty

Rakshit Shetty: Avane Srimannarayana (2019) Movie : Best and Honest Review

Rakshit Shetty: Avane Srimannarayana (2019) Movie Introduction By Filmi Indian: Sometimes there is an opportunity in life when we are fully satisfied with anything, such a feeling when it gets back more than expected and wow directly from the heart. Our films are also in the same condition, in which ninety out of a hundred […]

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Street Dancer

Street Dancer : 3D (2020) Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review

Street Dancer : 3D Movie Trailer Introduction India Pakistan are two words that have a lot of emotions and feeling associated with them, but when these two are used together, there is surety to be a hurdle. People get carried away in emotions and often the matter gets out of hand. The rest of Bollywood […]

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KGF : Chapter 2 Poster First Look : Best and Honest Review

KGF : Chapter 2 Poster Introduction Fans often complain that in our Indian cinema, no such movie can be made which can stand shoulder to shoulder equal to a Hollywood movie. But exactly one year before today, in 2018, a film was released, after which all the complaints of the fans were almost gone. I […]

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Chhapaak : (2020) Movie Trailer Review : Best and Honest Review

Chhapaak : (2020) Movie Trailer Review Introduction Affection, passion, Love these are very great words. One feeling which can make someone’s life awry. It needs both people together to fulfill love. If you get positive response, then the one can take a trip to the heaven and one can fly without wings. But if we […]

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Mardaani : 2 (2019) Movie Review : Best and Honest Review

Mardaani : 2 (2019) Movie Review Introduction When we talk about out our country, we always exaggerate the things, we give examples of our culture, ethics. On the contrary, this is the country where we call goddess to ladies but we always see news about a lady being raped that too on front page. Now […]

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